Stephen Einhorn

Do you ever think of jewelry as art? - If so, then i think you're really going to dig Stephen Einhorn Jewellery! - this leading London jewelry (art) designer has celebrity fans including Johnny Depp, Pixie Lott, and Charlize Theron - his pieces have an edginess to them - men can feel like men wearing his designs as women can feel like a lady or a bad ass chick - this is why i dig Stephen Einhorn Jewellery - he's true to himself and i feel as though there's a piece for everyone to relate to - and you can also get your very own creation bespoke for you just like rock stars, fashion designers, film directors and other die-hard Stephen Einhorn customers (he did some of Charlize Theron's pieces in Snow White and the Huntsman - whaaaa, i know!) - the real problem is, WHAT TO DECIDE ON GETTING?! - his stuff is maje! - i think i may just know exactly what i'll be getting Joe for his belated birthday gift (a kick ass ring)!

oh and PS it's not just jewelry, you gotta check it!! - he makes skull and crossbone faucets - um yea! - KILLER! - i totally want/need one now!

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  1. You naughty thing! I just saw the beneath the leaves collection and I love it but it is a bit more than h m prices...x

  2. Amazing pieces!
    Love the rings!


  3. Very cool rings. So edgy! I love heaps of jewellery stacked up but unfortunately it never seems to suit me. I'll admire it for now. Wishing for every ring on her fingers though.

    xx Mandi
    Find Me A Muse.

  4. I will check him out, never heard of him before so thanks! Hope you have a great weekend Erika! Xo Caroline

  5. Swoon, swoon, swoon! Those rings...I die! Jewelry is totally art in my opinion. Love his work! :)

  6. I do think of jewelry as art, I think of fashion as an art : ) Love that bracelet!

  7. Definitely art and I' m digging these pieces! Fo sho!:-)


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