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Natural Life was kind enough to let me review (and keep might i add) these tie-dye pompom loungers - and let me just say - game changers - when i would come home from work i no longer would run to yoga pants and YES even sometimes the PJ's - but these loungers - they are soft (and get softer with every wash - which is major in my books) and you also can go to the market without people giving you the funny look - i think people may actually be a little jealous of em' :o) .. i usually pair them with a white T shirt and my handmade moccasins but i can't wait to wear them down the shore this summer barefoot on the beach or bike cruising - i have a feeling they are going to be my go-to pants! - (and yes i need to place an order for all the rest of the colors before they are sold out) - light weight, ultra comfortable, and pompoms - BTW ON SALE for $21; oh and they come in shorts too!!


PS - Natural Life is much more then these loungers - clothes, accessories, home decor, fun finds, gifts, and more - they believe in thoughtful, heartfelt products will inspire others to give, love and laugh - please check em' out, i have a feeling your gonna dig this site!

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  1. I want of these! Pom pom love!

  2. So many nice things there! Those pants look so comfy!

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  3. They look so comfortable! I hope you are doing ok and have a good week dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I love them and know that they are adorable on you. I think my daughter would love the shorts.

  5. For realz for the beach. For realz.

  6. These are so darling Erika! I love the color and they look very comfy:)


  7. I would love to try them out in shorts! Look so comfy!


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