This One's for the Boys . . .

V-Day for the Guys. . .

So what shall us gals get the men in our lives .. well here's a few suggestions to get the mind rolling ..

So here i think are 2 great options! - What guy doesn't like to look at hot girls?  Maxim Magazine is THE best magazine for your guy!  Not only does he have the pictures to look at, but it's filled with "guy stuff" .. he's sure to love this gift every month!  And then we have, sports, we know our guy's love sports, so why not buy him tickets to his favorite sporting event, at StubHub.  He's sure to be happy with these 2 gifts!  And instead of going to the game with your guy, let him have a guys night, get the tickets for him and his friends to go .. this will surley be a treat for him!!!

Dale and Thomas Gormet Popcorn .. your man will love this huge tin of popcorn for all of his sporting event parties! .. They have all different flavors to choose from, your sure to find a winning match for him here!  And we all know our guy's love beer when they are watching the game, so why not buy him a brewing kit!  Take a look at Mr. Beer, all kinds of different kits and ideas for him there!  There's all different type of brewing kits all over the internet, or you can get him a sample of different beers of the world!  The world of beer is endless, and he's sure to enjoy this one!!

Here we have the classics - a wallet and tie.  The Gucci Basic Wallet is a classic choice!  Clean and elegant, and doesn't scream 'my girlfriend/wife made me use this' .. And here we have the classic Burberry Check tie.  I personally think Burberry fashions for men are just devine!  It just gives that polished look that i love, and nothing beats a Burberry tie to finish your guy off :o)

Here we have a Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror from Sharper Image.  If your guy likes to shave in the shower, this is a must for him!  This will be one of those gifts that lasts a long time!  And next we have the Panasonic Vortex Nano Wet/Dry Shaver.  He can take this on the road with him when he travels or just when he's on his way to work, or use in the luxury of his own pad.  Nothing beats a clean shaveing man!

So Blue-Ray Players are all the rage right now - and the Playstation 3 is TOP of the line of Blue Ray Players to date! .. So why not get him a new game system and blue-ray player in one! - he's sure to enjoy movies with this, have rock band parties, and do the solo game thing ..


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