i know, i know - i've been a stranger-danger on here - SORRY! - my apologies! - for realz, *sorry*

<-- for you b/c i'm sorry :o)

anyway - had a BLAST of a weekend - Monday was just a wreck for me tho - i could barly move (busted myself up tubing in the ocean, seemed too fun to stop, so i didn't, and i kept giving the "faster faster" sign, whoops) - plus, get this, i got a lil bug too (but good news about that, means start of a diet, always gotta look on the up-and-up of things!) - Monday was a drag to say the least!

so it was a CRAZY not good Monday - and to boot i missed the Alexander Wang sale on Gilt - i have the gray Coco already and they had other colors for HALF off plus other fab-a-licious bags! - *augh* HATE when i miss an AWESOME sale!!! ~ then i played catch-up Tuesday @ work .. ~ today i'm with my Niece all day - *perfect-o* Wednesday for me .. *all smiles*

any-who-doodle! - i hope every one's weekend rocked as well as mine did - and are having a *perfect* Wednesday like I!


what does everyone think of this new trend of dying your hair GRAY?! - yes GRAY - i know, we are all use to our Mom's and other people trying to "cover-up" the grays - but the new fashion trend is to actually dye your hair gray - i'm a lil so-so on this one - i think i can be a touch-and-go situation - i've been every color of the rainbow, well except gray - so i ask you - what do you think?  Take a look and you decide!?
46-year-old model Kristen McMenamy (i think superb here!)

Kelly Osbourne - grayish lavender hair (she can rock anything, no?!)

Kate Moss with gray streaks (tough call, just roots gray?, i dunno, if it wasn't Kate Moss i dunno how i'd feel, don't think the average girl can work this look, without putting numbers on her age)

Pink - platinum to grayish .. (she looks great!, i could never go that short tho, i have an abnormally large head/face *boohoo*)

Pixie Geldorf - rock star gray (i think she looks youthful, maybe b/c of skin color and so forth?)

13 year old fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson (she looks like a granny in my opinion, not working for me on her, which i know is totalllly her style, if you ever catch up on her, but i dunno, not for me)

What are you feeling about this gray situation?
Is this a "gray area" for you too?


Still got your attention?

UPDATE: Kayleigh's ultrasound came back - everything looks good - no abnormalities, everything is the right size, and no shunts - they suggested a possible liver biopsy to be safe, so now just thinking about that ... but a fellow blogger *love jenny xoxo* (( CHECK HER OUT! )) - sent me some info about the Maltese breed ( a few studies)  - and how liver enzymes can be extremely high and yet still be 'normal' - so i'm thinking THIS may be the case for my lil girl *phew*

1 last thing - promise

RANDOM:  OH and while @ the Dr - i was talking to my boyfriends sister (she works there) and another client that was waiting - they were talking NY vs NJ - so the client asks me if i have kids - i of course respond with a crazy look on my face "no" and then point to Kayleigh and say "she's my kid" - then the client gives me the oh please look on her face and responds "but what are you like only 18" - and so i give her the oh please look back and say "nope 30" - so then she looks at Kathy (boyfriends sister) for the truth, as if i was lying - and whaddyaknow Kathy give her the look of approval and is like "yea she is" - and she goes "oh you must think your so old" - and of course i'm like "no i don't, i love being 30, it's fantastic" with the oh please sista look on  - then Kathy goes "it must be the water in Jersey" - and then the client goes "and what are you a kindergarten teacher" - and i say "kinda' funny, i have a degree in that, but i'm not teaching" - then well yadda yadda yadda (( found fitting with the gray hair thing ))

SO did you hang in there for ALL of that ?! *haha* - i don't blame ya if you didn't ! - but if u did .. "that's my girl!"


  1. Cute shot of you on the boat!

    As for the gray hair - I am not a fan of dying it gray, however, if you are going gray, I think it's fine to let it me natural.

  2. Your niece is a doll! I get the same thing too...I am in my mid thirties and when I first meet my daughter's teacher they give me that look "TEEN MOM"....then in the interim of the school year they discover my true age and say OMG I swore you were 25 at most! And I look at them with the stupid look and say "Well thanks, but that would've made me a mom at 15". They smile sheepishly and change the subject! LOL Have a great day! (WOW, sorry that was so long)

  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I LOVE the pic. of you with your niece, so adorable. They grey hair thing.. yuck... Pink wears it the best but it may be because she looks more platinum then grey. xo

  4. I'm so glad to hear good news for Kayleigh!! So did the vets give you any advice on what to do, or do they think she's totally fine and there are no precautions? My little guys abnormal test is always in the back of my mind, so if he throws up for something I always get a little more freaked... even though I think it something all dogs do once in a while.

    I'm not digging the gray hair... on Kate Moss it looks like the dry shampoo I use but you are supposed to brush it out afterward. I guess if this trend takes off, I can just do that :)

  5. Sounds like your weekend was fun. Lovely picture of you too! Nope, definitely not a fan of the grey hair thing.

  6. Love weekends on the water...You look so cute on your boat:) I am so glad that Kayleigh is doing well and everything seems normal:) Yuppie:)

    About the gray look....I like it on kate but I dont think I could pull it off:)

    Kisses,sweetie and have a fantastic day with the little one:)

  7. What a lovely picture of you and your niece! Good vibes for Kayleigh and hey, it's not a bad thing to be thought of ast younger (esp. 20 years down the road)

  8. I don't think I am quite ready for the gray yet - maybe in 30 years!

    Great shot of you on the boat - love your fun weekend!

  9. Hiya! Looks like a fun weekend. Sorry about the bummer Monday and missing the sale! Sounds like you have a fun Wednesday ahead :)
    And nope, no likey the gray hair trend... my opinion! Cute pic!

  10. Hello beautiful. What an awesome weekend. I hope the next weekend is just as awesome. Hmmm...the gray matters...Well I'm not sure I'd go for it. Kate Moss looks super old in that picture. I can't believe it's actually her. I heard bronde was an "in" color for the moment. I think I could go for bronde.

  11. How did I miss the Wang sale? Noooooo. I've been dying for some Wang tees!

  12. I dont know about this grey hair trend. I would feel too self concious to do it. Is that Katt Moss' real hair?

  13. I think only people who are old enough to have grey hair should die their hair grey ; )

    Glad to hear your puppy is doing well!


  14. Kelly rocked it for sure! The others I am so so on. I am now following your blog :) Check mine out if you get a chance!


  15. I love women that rock naturally gray hair. Not a huge fan of the dye on everyone, although Kelly's grey/lavender hue is pretty cute!

    I wanna be on a boat! :)

  16. Glad your having a happy day with your niece! My nieces always brighten up my day too! I don't know about the gray hair thing. I would never do it, but on some people it can look good.
    I get the same deal with my age! I keep saying I'm gonna wait at least another five years before I have kids otherwise people will think I'm a teen mom. It feels like I have to prove myself enough as it is. It drives me crazy sometimes!

  17. Looks like a fabulous time on Monday and your niece is so darling.

  18. So happy to hear your good news about your baby! About the gray hair - Yuck. yuck, yuck, yuck. I pay good maney every 6 to 8 weeks to cover that little secret up! Pink's hair looks bright and whitish - it's pretty. The others are gross.

  19. I cannot even imagine tubing in the ocean! i get banged up enough in the lake! and yah, i'm not sure about the grey hair thing!


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