Rain Love

happy Thirsty Thursday lovies! ~ one more day till the weekend ~ yayyyy! .. it's a stormin' right now in Jersey - i woke up to a thunder that shook my house! - haven't had one of those in a LONG time!

but this is good - the garden and flowers could use some natural love from above!

and plus the idea of being outside - getting soaked by rain - well makes me happy!

rain represent a fresh start for me .. it's endless new beginnings

cozy nights under the sheets watching movies

tender thoughts about the ones you love

so lovies - if it's raining by you - go outside - get wet - and dance! - you'll be surprised the smile it'll bring to your face!

So what's your drink of choice on Thirsty Thursday's in the summer?!
(Blue Moon's)
Do you love or hate the rain?
(i love it to pieces!)
Ever dance in the rain?
(why of course!)


  1. Love rain, especially when I can enjoy it while drinking a cup of hot mint tea:)
    Dancing in the rain is still on my must do list:)

    Kisses,sweetie and happy almost weekend:)

  2. I love Blue Moon, but also Mojitos and margaritas, oh and Miller Chill. I love a good thunderstorm at night, but in the mornings my dogs won't pee outside if it's raining unless I stand out there with them. Maybe I should try dancing :)

  3. LOVE the rain -- and that last photo!!

  4. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love these pics!

    Drink of choice: banana daquiri
    Rain: love it!
    Dance in the rain? Naturally!


  5. I like it! If you want, follow my blog too. I've started it a few days ago and I hope I'll have soon more "followers". Thankyou!


  6. ooh I love that bedroom! Wish I had it when I was a little girl :)

  7. i LOVE all of these photos. especially the first one!!! the colors are amazing...

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  8. Wouldn't it be magic if it actually rained butterflies??

  9. Erika,

    Love to have rainy days! Especially in the springtime, right now in Kansas City it tends to make it more hot and humid instead of cooling off!

    Art by Karena

  10. Beautiful post- rain can be lovely, but I don't like it on weekends when it's sunny during the week/when I'm at work! lol ;)

  11. I do love rain — when I'm inside (most of the time) :) And yes, I have danced in the rain as a little girl. I used to love playing outside in the rain with a big umbrella!

  12. A lovely post and i really haven't danced in the rain lately, but i imagine i would be giggling from delight or the sheer fun of it if i did so:-).

  13. Nothing cozier than sitting inside (or out!) and listening to the the rain. I love that first butterfly/rainbow pic!!

    Happy Thursday to you!!

  14. I only like the rain if I can stay at home and don't need to run errands... There is something quite magical about a thunderstorm, I love lightning!

  15. ah that post made a HUGE smile on my FACE : ) Thanks! I love the rain and the sun just happy to be here lol : )


    My giveaway ends tomorrow so... MODAY i will announce winner ; )

  16. Thanks for this post - the rain, the sun and the smell after the rain, I love it all!! Especially when I can sit outside and enjoy a sparkling beverage!! Love your blog, stop by sometime!!!


  17. i love love lovvvvvvvvvve the rain, especially thunderstorms. sooo soothing to me.
    and i love dancing in the rain :)

  18. excellent photos (especially that first one -- looks like it was made for your blog!).

    it's NOT raining here, for a change. we're in our "30ish days of statistically unlikely rain" period. my lawn looks like crap, so i kind of wish the rain would come back.

  19. Blue Moon - yum!! Lots of mojito's this summer due to my hubby's green thumb with mint!

    I love the rain if I don't have to drive in it. Somehow it make Chicago traffic terrible.

    I danced in the rain in college with my roommate. We actually dressed up for the occasion and 1/2 of our apartment complex joined in by the end :)

  20. I only love the rain when I have no where to be. Humidity and rain is my enemy when I'm on the way to work :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous week, gorgeous!

  21. dancing and running in the rain is what I want to o right now! ;)

  22. Oh, I love the rain! It's perfect for a hot cup of tea and a great book:)

  23. Your images are perfect - I especially love Gwenyth's. I'm with you on enjoying and loving the rain. We just had a summer storm yesterday and I was beyond thrilled.

  24. I actually like the rain - just not always on my day off! haha


  25. I have mixed feelings on the rain...the thunder and lightning can still very much scare me...but a good quiet rain can feel so cozy!

  26. I just love how sweet and honest this post is. I love the first pic of the butterflies. Have a fabulous weekend,

  27. Love your attitude about rain - it can definitely be beautiful!

  28. Gorgeous blog, gorgeous pictures, Love everything and I'm glad I came to visit!! I am going to adorn my sidebar with your lovely work :)

  29. I love the rain!! Most of the time :D Unless it's stopping my clothes from getting dry...especially with the lack of a clothes dryer and all :P

  30. Superlovely post!

    I think I used to love the rain much more than I do now, but that could be because we get so much bad weather here. I have definitely danced and kissed in the rain and it's so wonderful! I used to go for rainy day hikes, but being here I started guiding backpacking trips, and it's a much different experience when you're working that much in the rain. hahah.

    This helps me remember how beautiful the rain is tho!!! I love this collection of photos too! I would hang that first picture on my wall. Can't stop looking at it!

  31. The weather is crazy lately. My drink of choice is Riva Ranch white wine by Wente. I love the rain and don't understand when people complain about it.
    Of course I dance in the rain, actually I probably chase my boys more in the rain trying to bring them inside.
    New to your blog and enjoying it!
    BTW, I have a giveaway over at my blog http://aspoonfulofdish.blogspot.com make sure to stop by!


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