The Venetian

and i'm not talking Vegas - i'm talking mirror! - i've been a huge fan of the venetian mirror for years - i wanted one for my bathroom, but then feel in love with a mirror at HomeGoods (that store always gets me!) .. anyway - what do you think of the "venetian mirror"?

this is the EXACT picture i've had in a folder that started my love for venetian mirrors!

here's a prime example how a venetian mirror can be modern, clean, and classic!
ps - those are my door handles!!!

they can do the funky thing too! - how great!

elegant as well - LOVE for this to be my dressing area!

so you have a very traditional style - whala! - they do traditional extremely well!

look @ the blue venetian - the purple crushed velvet coush - and chartreuse Panton chairs (i have em in red) - plus the shag rug - decor gods - hello!?! - please send my way!

would you die to have this in your room? = i imagine this in a little girls room!

my grandma has this EXACT mirror she is giving me! - i LOVE it!

this one is going right to the decor gods!!!! - pleeeaaaaasssssseeeee! - i've been a REALLY good girl

FAN of the venitian mirror?
How about, have you been to Vegas?

Here's pics of Joe and I in Vegas last year :o)
We stayed at a few different places to get the "full" experience
Too bad didn't go home with any $$$ :o(

Joe and I @ Mystere show

posing with the 'golden nugget'

going to La Reve

you know i flip for elephants! *proof*

joe LOVES the Yankee's - here's my take on baseball *yuck*

this pool had a waterfall (behind me) and a slide that went through a shark tank

it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

OK - so for all the people who said i should put more pics of myself up - this fill you up ?*teehee*
cuz i think i'm bored looking @ myself now :o)

**kiss kiss**


  1. You look fab in that green dress! Those mirrors would look good anywhere, not just in the bathroom or dressing area, that's what I like about them!

  2. My mom has that exact mirror your grandma is giving you! I love venetian mirrors as well.

  3. these venetian mirrors are to die for! so gorgeous! and you my dear look fantastic...its great to be able to put a face to a name...thanks for sharing your pics!

    have a lovely weekend sweetie!


  4. Love the venetian mirrors esp in the modern, funky and the little girls room. I just got a couple of great new mirrors. Maybe I'll post them at some point. Have fun wherever you end up this weekend : ) NYC would be so much fun.

  5. Loooove it~ so versatile!

    Now you're making me crave a trip to Vegas! I've been twice - our one year anniversary and our 5 year to renew our vows with Elvis officiating, best. trip. ever :)

    Happy Weekend!!

  6. I have one hanging in our bedroom, have always loved them! Y'alls are just adorable!! Thanks for stopping by again...I am powering down and headed out :)

  7. LOVE the mirrors and the pics of you! So pretty!!

  8. Love all of the images of the mirrors - they are gorgeous. And it looks like you had a great trip - thanks for sharing the pictures. =) Enjoy your weekend as well.

  9. Beautiful and beautiful.. you and the mirrors! I LOVE that floor mirror, how gorgeous for a dressing room. I've never gone to Vegas... I don't gamble... because I get too excited... ha ha.. I once was playing on a fake slot machine with the kids at a pool & spa store while my husband was taking to the sales guy. I kept winning, (fake coins, I might add), and I was getting so animated the saleslady came over and without saying a word she unplugged it! So, with that said, I won't go to Vegas. xoxo

  10. I love ALL those Venetian mirrors! And all those rooms are GORGEOUS! Cute pics from Vegas! It's one of my favorite places in the world!

  11. Lovely vegas photos!! And I love the 2nd and 5th versions of the venetian mirror!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  12. Really pretty mirror, it can go in so many different style rooms!

  13. Those venetian mirrors are beautiful!!I especially love numbers 2 and 3. Also, gorgeous pics of you too.

  14. You're beautiful! I love seeing personal pics on here! It's so much fun! It looks like you guys have a blast together!

    Come over to
    i m a g i n e...I've a got a giveaway you might love :)

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  15. Erika, you are gorgeous!!!So are the mirrors. I love venetian mirrors I have one in my living room and it adds just the right amount of glitz to the room. I would love to have an antique Venetian mirror, but I purchased mine at Tuesday morning and I do love it, Happy weekend,Kathysue

  16. Oh Vegas how I miss you! Looks like so much fun! I am in love with those mirrors too, they are all stunning!

  17. Ahhh I want all those mirrors! Where is there a Home goods around NYC?

    Cute pictures of a fun looking trip! You certainly post more pics of yourself than I do!
    Have a lovely weekend dear!

  18. HUGE fan of anything Venetian!!! Those Italians have got some style:-)

    Also super cute pics of your trip to Vegas!!!

  19. The mirrors are all beautiful, but you are gorgeous! The picture with elephant is so adorable! Hope you'll have a fab weekend! xo

  20. Hi gorgeous!
    Really fun pics!
    Loving all those mirrors too!


  21. Beutiful mirrors and you look great in the green dress! We both like green right now :)



  22. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it...The Ventian, AMAZING..


  23. Love the third pic from the bottom. Yes I would like that for my little girl's room!

    Last time we went to Vegas we did stay at the Venetian. I have to admit I really enjoyed it. I thought it would be over the top for me, but it's Vegas baby, you get into it when you're there.

    I'm seriously considering doing a 10 year vow renewal at the Venetian and getting re-married on their white gondola. Did you see that thing? Me likey.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. I love venetian mirrors and they mix so well with contemporary decor. I especially love that image with the floor venetian mirror!
    Looks like you guys had a blast in vegas! Have a great weekend!

  25. OK where to start? You're gorgeous! And I'm a fan of venetian mirrors. Big fan. And I've been to Vegas. Once. And hello sweet mirror your grandmother's giving u!!! And I'm drooling over the last room photo. WOW!

    Have a great weekend, honey! Enjoy's gorgeous out! xoxo

  26. HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!

    i need a trip to vegas...

  27. I love decorating with mirrors and these are all gorgeous! Love all the pictures of you guys in Vegas. You look adorable!


  28. my mirror obsession goes a long way back..besides the fact that i love checking myself out every 5 secs..i do have an unexplainable love for wall mirrors..if it was in my hands i would put on in every room:)
    love the shots.

  29. Love the venetian mirrors! Fabulous! I've been to Vegas...saw Mystere too...great show, right? You look fab! Have a great weekend.

  30. I loooooove visiting Vegas! That pool looks fantastic--wish I could transport myself there right now! I haven't been down a water slide in WAY too many years. ;)

  31. Absolutely love these pictures! Just found your blog and I am a new follower!


  32. That photo collection of mirrors is GORGEOUS!! I love big mirrors, unique mirrors and of course antique mirrors... you did me proud with these pics!! ;-)

  33. Vegas is such a fun place to visit but I can only do a few days without getting exhausted. Too many things to see and do.

    What pool were you at?

    check out my giveaway

  34. Those mirrors are so totally glam! (just like the two of you! ;) ) xx

  35. I am a total mirror freak! Love any and all of them. The more the better, I always say.....

  36. Those mirrors are AMAZING. I adore the very first one. Home Goods drives me wild! I was lucky enough to have one built near my apartment right before I moved in. : )

  37. oooh i LOVE that first pic! it's from an old issue of Domino, right? that pink bathroom still lingers in my dreams. i don't think i'll ever be able to trick the hubbers into sharing a pink room with me, ever. :P

    speaking of cantankerous spouses, he and i are trying to get away to vegas soon. fingers crossed!

    thank you for your sweet comments, dear one! :)

  38. Ooo....I LOVE LOVE venetian mirrors !!!!
    Those mirrors are gorgeous !

  39. Oh I've been wanting one of those mirrors for like EVER! They are my fav! Looks like a fun trip you had too!
    x Trina


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