Animal Instinct

i got the fever - animal fever that is!

i think the ostrich coming out of the wall - acting as a 'head board' is genius!

if i had a place in the mountains - THIS is what i want!

SWOONing over this foyer table!

seems so proper in a way, no?
top hats, riding boots, gentlemen umbrellas. ect.

BTW my local HomeGoods has A LOT of animal "decor' - just a FYI
Do you go to your local HomeGoods often?
i try and make it to 1 HomeGoods a week :o)

obsessing over the Zebra head

who knew skulls can be so chic? - oh wait, i did!
they r on my wish list *wink*

zebra on the floor - feather on the bed - peacock on the dresser
LOVEN' it!


above is the cowhide i ordered - i'm *in love* with it!
i can not wait till it arrives at my door step *all smiles*
and PS - best part i saved $700 on it! YES that's right SAVED $700 on it
(it was bought before lent, promise!)

PS - i've been writing on my other blog ~ Tiptoe with Curiosity ~ again
Curiosity is more about my inner voice, poems, my inner soul, ect.

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  1. I love the zebra rug and I would totally need one for my flat! Wish you a sunny Monday morning, darling

  2. I like the looks of many of these but can't say I have real animal fever, more like "faux" animal fever :)

  3. Love the first picture as its the same colours in my livingroom!! Have to agree with Jeanette..faux animal is more my thing..I love animals too much..I don't need them on my floor :)

  4. I am so jealous of you for having a homegoods close! My parents have one near then in Texas but us Oklahomans are left high and dry. Very sad subject.

  5. Love Home Goods- have to stop myself from going there!
    I'm not so into the animal but we do have some blankets my monkeys love to cuddle with that have animal prints on them.

  6. I am so not a fan of (real) animal prints because well, I'm a Vegetarian, need I say more? My boyfriend on the other hand would love a bear skin rug in our house. (Not happening!) ; )

    Hope your mom is feeling better...

  7. I agree a perfect place to be set in the mountains. Great pictures

  8. I love zebras and would hate to see the head of one on my wall or table but I do love me the rug. haha

  9. That foyer table is really unique!

    I actually saw floor lamps this weekend that had the same fringe element to them. Really pretty!

    Thanks for stopping by. Loving your mix. And as a Philly girl, I think I can befriend a Jersey girl ;)


  10. I love Home Goods! They have the best mirrors!

  11. I love myself some animal prints and accessories especially zebra rugs! That cowhide you got is beyond amazing...what a score!! xx

  12. I'm not a PETA person or anything but I just never got into the whole animal fur and hide deal. They are beautiful tho!! =)

    I love Home Goods!! I go in at least once or twice every 2 weeks! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  13. I would love a set of antlers but that ostrich on the wall just freaks me out :D

    Hugs and a lovely new week to you!

  14. love these pictures! so inspirational <3
    xoxo noortje

  15. I try to go to HomeGoods as often as I can!:D

    Have a lovely week!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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