Weekend Round-up & Cleanse Update

let's just say 1 of those in the calenders for WORST weekend - started off great - Friday got off work early - bubbly n beers by the pool then Joe's Chef friend came over and *YUM* of course, like impromptu party which u know i love! - then Saturday DAY 1 of cleanse - totally good - i have THE best nose, so "smells" REALLY get to me, so worst part was the "smell" of the drinks (not to mention they aren't so 'tasty') - THEN everyone left on Saturday's to go to Dao's (the chef) and i couldn't go *i mean WHO doesn't wanna go to a chef's house, HELLO* - then amongst ALL of this i hear a childhoods friend Mom (grew up with my Mom and her hubby did too) passed away in her sleep - PURE punch in the stomach - with everything i've been through, i thought it was like losing my own Mom - those feelings just rushed over my body, i didn't know what to do (and her and I aren't even close, just friend from 5 but never close at all) --- THEN Sunday i wake up in tears - you know when you WAKE up in tears NOT a good thing! - so i said SCREW U cleanse - i'm eating like an animals - 1 problem - Staten Island was ummm now a lake! - it rained so bad, cars stuck everywhere! -

*Missoni bikini* -- drinking my "Green Juice" - SO BAD!
(i forgot to add desc. of my clothes when i did my 'outfit' shots - sorry - blame it on being 100% Polish)

But true to form - Joe got me MAJOR awesome food! - had an emergency trip to his Mom's house w/ some leaking with the rain - then THE NEWS: i'm gonna be a pseudo Aunt again! - Joe's sister is preggers again (4th child) - of course a lil piece of my died hearing the news, but the other piece was like "OMG WILL SHE LET ME ADOPT "HER" IF IT'S A "HER"??? - so selfish i know!

Joe taking me out for a pick me up - i'm saying "stop the insanity"
*Dolan sweater, Anthro lace shorts, Toms shoes*

then i somehow got myself and my car home last night - all i knew, when ur in a MAJOR puddle/lake - NEVER stop, keep ur foot on the gas, b/c u don't want ur exhaust (i have 4) to suck in the water - it was BAD/SCARY drive home - window wipers do NOT go fast enough - and being i'm in a low car, AUGH so hard to see!!! -- then i walk in my parents house (i came home bc i can tell something was wrong with my Mom) - she's talking about SNOWMEN!!!! - YES SNOWMEN! - then this AM - she asked me "when did i got home last night" - i was like " we talked for 2 hours" ..

*baseball field in Staten Island - down the street from Joe's - yup a lake*

so here at work today - off to funeral - doctors (like they ever stop) - and Universe knows - WHAT ELSE is next on the docket?! - NO CLUE!! - but BIG day tomorrow (hint, i'm setting the grounds for a photo shoot, for Zillenia - lunch, doctors of course, seeing a great friend n her new *boobies*, then some girl time more about Zillenia - i wanna do a piece on cancer and she has her own ideas she wants to enter into a contest - i'm of course MORE then happy to be her muse!)

ALSO as i show up for work today - i have a trail of "yellow stick notes" to the conference room - i follow them - THIS is what i find - from my Niece Caitlyn (the lil stick note says "elephant") - LOVE my LOVEBUG to death!!!! -- how can i ever have a bad day when i get to work with something like THAT - i mean really - i'm so blessed and happy right now!

OH btw - starting the cleanse again today!


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  1. The cleanse sounds like torture!! It is raining here non stop today too... ugh. How cute is your niece? So great that there will be yet another little one in the family. That woman must be a saint... four kids?!!! xo

  2. So sorry about your friends Dad! :( Terrible.
    I'm sorry but I chuckled at the picture of you with your cleanse drink.
    That look on your face is priceless.
    You have to keep posting on how it goes.
    Not sure if I could do it.

  3. Oh girl! I hope your mom is okay. Such a difficult thing. And that cleanse? Is there ever a good time? haha.

  4. You are so cute!
    Love that bikini!


  5. Sounds like a whirlwind kind of weekend! Glad it ended well though. Good luck with the cleanse - so intense!

  6. Those post-its from your niece must have made your day! Sorry to hear about your friend's Mom. A friend of mine was on his honeymoon last week, his mom joined them for part of the trip and she died suddenly. ON THEIR HONEYMOON. So sad. That's why we need to live life to the fullest every day.

  7. What is it about waking up in tears? Happened to me the other day and boy was it hard to shake. Sorry to hear about your Friend's mom passing.
    Good luck on the cleanse.

  8. Sorry you had such an awful weekend, sweetie! I know these cleanses can be torture. I would have thrown in the towel if I had the kind of weekend you did too.

    Hope your week is off to a better start! And stay dry! Yesterday was INSANE!!! xoxo

  9. Whoa, so much rain!! I adore the little message from your niece, how sweet!!

  10. Ha, love your expression in the first picture :) Thanks for the comment on my blog!!


  11. Oh girl...what a crazy weekend. So sorry for your loss.

    And that rain is absolutely nuts! Sending you good vibes for round 2 of the cleanse..I commend you cause I don't think I would last an hour!!


  12. Hang in there with that cleanse! It'll all be worth it!

  13. I thought I didn't let grass grow under my feet, you are always on the go! I have never done a cleanse, as I think I'd toss in the towel after a day of liquids...kudos to you for trying, knowing when to walk away and when to return. How sad about your friend's mother, that is never an easier topic. It is hard to say goodbye to those we love, like or know. I hope your mother is having a better day. Finally, your niece is adorable her love for you is amazing...you are blessed. XOXO.

  14. I just wanna say I love you. You are the most frank person taking these storms bit by bit. This weekend was a sh*tstorm of epic proportions over here, too. Why does it seem that time is passing so quickly?

    Enjoy your new little niece (hoping for a girl right along with you)--she'll be a ray of sunshine!!


  15. oh, my looks like you had an really adventurous weekend lovely! take care with all the rain! xoxo

    hope you had time to enter my current Giveaway, sweets!



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