Sweet Dreams

So i was on Etsy one day - and i found a bed that i just went nuts for! .. i also found out the price and that gave me a lil heartattack as well .. but in any case i thought i'd share these 3 beds i found at Anthropologie:

The bed to the far right is the Forest Canapy Bed that i found on Etsy and is also at Anthropologie - my heart is in love with this bed! .. i can't imagine a more dreamy bed! .. this is the type of bed that would last generation upon generation in families .. an investment piece for the ages!  Then we have the Benoa Daybed which is in the middle .. with all the work done to this little piece, it will have such an impact in your room! I'm ga-ga over this one too! .. i can see this in a tropical place, like Costa Rica, can't you?! .. So why not dedicate a bedroom in your house to feel the breathe of the tropics with this bed!  Finally we have the Calligraphy Bed - this is feminie and romantic all twirled into one! If i had a studio apartment this would be my centerpiece of the room! .. i can just see soft pastel walls, light linens, bold pictures on the wall .. this might be the winner to go into my bedroom!

So what do you think?! - Any takers on any of these beds?!

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