the new trend is ALL about coated denim - the look of leather but without the price of leather nor killing of animals - i'm all about these! - i got myself a pair of JBrand Moto black zipper detail pair - and IN LOVE - fave jeans for this winter ..

here's a few other styles - lemme know what you think!

AG denim coated in red

DSQUARED2 black coated *in love*

ONE by Habitual - LOVE this color

7 for all mankind snake printed coated denim *hot*

MiH coated denim - you know i LOVE my flares and bells - SO want
*darn stupid 12 month spending freeze*

Rich & Skinny coated

SUPERFINE biker coated


Lil Catch Up
so my Mom has been getting sick a lot lately - almost like she's back on chemo - trying to figure out what's going on - my Dad is doing well with his knee and therapy - but still long recovery ahead - i've still not been positively diagnosed with WHICH auto-immune disease i have - but i got a cold this weekend AGAIN - so much exhaustion - but as i told my hair stylist the other day - it's better to laugh then cry about it - crying gets you no where but 2 red eyes and a 1 red nose - not pretty - i rather have laugh lines!

hope every one's Thanksgiving was fabulous - this year i spent it with Joe's family instead of my own - it was a good change - even though i was so sick i just curled up in a ball the entire night on the couch

this week i need to make an appearance at work and get some things down - which i have been dreading to do! - then i plan to look into different master degree programs - and well continue with decorating my Christmas wonderland - even tho i can't find HALF my stuff from last year - SO frustrating!!!!!

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  1. Maybe the Dsquared... but I wonder... are they comfortable? Ah, well all for fashion:)

  2. Sorry to hear you and your mother are not feeling up to par. I don't think I have the figure for these pants anymore. Does it feel like vinyl? That's what it looks a bit like to me in the photos.

  3. Get well soon! ...and wowzers. That first pair of red pants are awesome.

  4. So sorry you've been sick and the rest of your family has been sick also. Sending all my love!

  5. I love #4 and the last pair, I want both! I hope you feel better soon and that your mom does too. Thinking about you xoxo

  6. Sorry to hear that your family is still going through so much. Autoimmune diseases are a tricky thing to diagnose and can't take awhile. In the mean time make sure you sleep as much as you can and eat healthy. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    On a lighter note... those jeans are way cool!! xo

  7. Oh Erika I hope you all feel better for the rest of the holidays.

    My rehab after hip replacement is going well, it is grueling... I am determined though!


    Art by Karena

  8. Oh sounds like you have so much on your plate Erika. I hope your Thanksgiving was a nice break and somewhat relaxing (even though you were not well) Thanks for popping by today. Nice to hear from you! Now for these pants-I like that you posted lots of variety. The MiH ones and the black ones are nice. I would add a pair to my wardrobe.

  9. Try to take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. Erika I had such a HORRENDOUS period of 5 or 6 years where I was SO FRICKIN SICK and misdiagnosed and I had to drag myself to work 12 hour days barely even able to function. I resigned myself to the fact that I was just going to die misdiagnosed. It was finally going to acupuncture and having the lady (whose first job had been OBGYN and general pract) tell me to keep going back to my doctor b/c something was wrong with my stomach. It saved my bloody life and those treatments were the most therapeutic things ever!!

    I AM THINKING ABOUT YOU. and I'm not buying diddly squat. one thing here and there and that's it. too much crap only fills the void but doesn't get to the heart of the matter. you're on the right track.


  10. Your attitude is incredible -- so inspiring! I hope you and your family all feel better soon!!!

  11. Love these, especially the red ones!


  12. Those destroyer boots are amazing! I hope you guys all feel better asap!

  13. Love J Brand jeans, recently got three pairs and still want more! Glad you liked the rice experiment, SO interesting, let me know if you do post it!


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