The wait

as many of you know - Joe works in NYC - been working where Gossip Girl is being filmed - Morgan Freedman walked by yesterday joking with the crew on 'where does he need to be' - Joe has stories all the time like this for me -- but he also has stories of how famous bakeries have 4 hour lines for goodies - well yesterday Joe got me my 'goodies' - macaroons from Laduree!

Morgan Freedman joking with the Gossip Girl crew ..

he also showed up with these lovies:

Tory Burch Jude black suede platform pumps

a girl can be a little mad that he didn't show up till late (had to work at his Mom's house) - but with these 2 goodies - how can a girl REALLY be mad??


so remember i told you i got tested for an auto-immune disease - aka more bad cells in my body then good - and the bad cells are eating away my tissue - well GUESS when the next available appointment with THE best doctor is *drum roll* MAY! - r u F'n kidding me - MAY!!!! -- but at the same time - do i really wanna know? - me knowing i'm BRCA positive already has me WAY more upset then i ever thought - and the 1 doctor who we become good friends with thinks it's Lupus - so 1 part of me is saying this is good - b/c once again DO i REALLY wanna know?! -- it's such a life changing game once you know - but i still hold out it could be nothing - but being BRCA positive i'm not holding my breathe - falls right in line with everything else going on with me - crappy - but what is a women to do - YOGA and MEDITATE - no need for tears and put myself in crisis mode - but it's life - got handed a few crappy cards - but i know my winning hand will be dealt SOON - i can fell it!!!!


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  1. Erika.. that's the way we feel right now.
    We keep telling ourself our winning hand is right around the corner.
    Big prayers for you friend. Do the same for us too.
    Love you.

  2. 1. You have an amazing boyfriend. Whoa! Lauduree and those hot shoes. Crazy!

    2. May? I know it will all turn out right. You are such a great person with a wonderful spirit.

  3. Gossip Girl makes me smile, I am such a bad TV lover.

    Good luck with all your problems, you have such a good attitude - face things head on girl.

  4. I love Morgan Freeman!! Those are some nice shoes Joe got you : ) Erika, I so admire your strength and positivity, I've told you this many times but I can't say it enough - you are an inspiration and yes, I think your winning hand will be dealt VERY soon!

  5. UGH such a long wait. That's horrible :(

    Well in the meantime, enjoy those macaroons and beautiful heels :)

  6. May? Seriously? That's pathetic. I will keep you in my prayers. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and chronic pain so I feel for you. On the bright side... Joe is a total keeper!!! xo

  7. Keep us posted on the health situation, love. I'll be thinking of you!

  8. I love your positive outlook on life. With that winning attitute you are sure to have a winning hand dealt soon. Best of luck with everything.

    Love the shoes, Joe's a keeper.

  9. MAY?!?! Seriously, that is ridiculous! But I would be with you and not really want to know.... In the meantime you have the best bf ever, don't u? :) xoxo

  10. He has good taste, chk out those killer heels!!! :-)

    You are in my prayers dear, but I know it will all be ok. Keep up the yoga and positivity my friend!


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