Lilly Pulitzer x Target

here we go again; another collab with Target - this time with designer Lilly Pulitzer - hits stores April 19 - price range from $2 - $150 but over 200 items are under $30 - items will be woman's and girls accessories, shoes, and clothing (this will be the first time a collab with Target will offer plus size for women); home accents, outdoor entertaining pieces, beach gear, travel accessories, and more

i still don't know how i feel about these collaborations; due to the fact the items are usually so poorly made; yes they are at a great price point {especially when they hit the 50-70% off when then don't sell} ~ i'll probably check it out even though i'm really not a Lilly Pulitzer kinda' girl ~ the home decor items have caught my eye {especially the outdoor stuff}, as well as some of the jewelry, beach towels, a pair of  pom-pom shorts, and possibly a kaftan

Here's to Targets first collab of 2015

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  1. When i heard about this yesterday I was actually really excited - I hope Target prepares it's online team because there will be major traffic!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I just saw this as well. I'm not normally a Lilly girl, but my the colors are too bright and fun!

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